When I read this piece last month, I saved it to share with those who may be interested in the New Year.  I believe through our challenges in 2020 we are transformed to a new beginning in all aspects of our lives. 

Excerpt about Transformation from Rosemary Haughton, adapted from her book, Gifts in the Ruins.  

Transformation is part of the nature of reality because nothing is static; change goes on all the time, in people and plants and rivers and mountains and society.  Change can be so slow that nobody notices, and it is easy to feel we can keep things the way they have been, especially if the way they have been is comfortable and profitable for the particular group of people to which we happen to belong. 

But change will happen anyway.  If we try to block it too long, it will happen explosively, as when the earth’s tectonic plates, slowly pushing against each other, suddenly are pushed upwards by the resistance and the result is an earthquake.  An earthquake is a disaster for people, because we choose to live as if it could not happen, but in itself an earthquake is just the way the earth changes. 

Most people think of political or social transformation as necessarily violent, because that is how we have been taught to think, so that we won’t have sympathy with anyone who challenges the existing system.  Whenever protestors gather to oppose injustice or defend the earth, the media focus exclusively on the few who use the occasion to turn violent (are often deliberately provoked into violence) partly because violence makes for better headlines.  Real social and political transformation, though, has been most effective when it was not violend=t, but was simply the refusal of ordinary people to cooperate with oppression. 

Transformation is not the end but the beginning.  It is vulnerable, dangerous, frightening.  It is the moment at which much can go wrong, but all kinds of people and places can recover beauty and compassion and efficiency (the real kind) and hope. 

For this New Year I wish you all a Year of Transformation that finds you in a place of peace. 

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Alison Hoffman

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