The LANDSCAPES ‘18 and GIE + EXPO in Louisville, KY, is a great combination conference and trade show to meet new people and gain new knowledge to help you run your landscape business. During the trade show, Head Harvesters Bill Arman and Ed Laflamme stopped at the Verizon booth to catch up with the folks from Verizon Connect – Ashley Troxler, Abbey Noonan and Casey Coates.

Landscape companies that haven’t yet invested in a Verizon GPS system don’t understand how much money they can save, and the tremendous oversight they can gain over their fleets when they’re on the road and at job sites.

The Harvesters can share numerous examples of clients whose stolen trucks and equipment were returned because of GPS, money saved on gas because trucks were not idling for long stretches and provide proof to clients they were on job sites working (especially in the winter).

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Let’s listen in as the Harvesters ask Casey Coates to explain how the Verizon system can save landscape contractors money, and provide them with resources to help them better run their business.

Have a great week! We hope this information helps you Harvest Your Potential!

The Harvesters Love Verizon Connect!

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