We Grew 75% a Year for 3 Years!


Growth is often hailed as a business success benchmark. This holds true in the landscaping sector as well. But imagine achieving a staggering 75 percent growth annually for three consecutive years!
In this week’s video, Harvester Ed shares an inspiring conversation with Niwar Nasim of Nasim Landscaping based near Seattle, Washington. During the interview, Niwar reveals four pivotal factors that contributed to his phenomenal growth, with three of them revolving around the use of innovative technology.
Can you identify these technological game-changers?

Undoubtedly, a blend of curiosity, embracing cutting-edge technology and its effective implementation are vital ingredients for “Harvesting Your Potential” and reaching new heights in your business.


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Ed Laflamme LIC

started his own business from scratch, built it up, sold it and then wrote a book about how he did it. So, he’s been there. He understands your frustrations, worries and concerns. Some of you may want to buy companies, while others may want to sell the one you own. You need expert assessment and guidance before you can move forward. Ed has experience in this area. He is recognized as a CLP: Certified Landscape Professional. Read Ed's full bio.