The Harvesters are going to talk today about one of the essential things to do in your landscaping business, KEEP SCORE!

Business is like playing a game, would you play any game and not keep score? In baseball the score is kept by innings, football by quarters, but how is it kept in business, what do we measure?

This is exactly what the Harvesters are going to talk about in their video today. Watch and see if you are measuring the items they mention. And, to help in your efforts they are going to give you their sample GROW CARD…..wait until you check this out. Just click the link at the bottom of the video….they’d love to know what you think.

Note: Disregard the numbers on the scorecard you will need to put your own in, these are only samples.

The Harvesters hope this idea will help you Harvest Your Potential!


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