One of the biggest problems in many companies is a lack of accountability.  This usually starts from the top and goes straight down through the organization.

The question is, why don’t owners and managers hold their people accountable?  Well, this is exactly what Harvester Ed is going to talk about in this video, so check it out.

One thing for sure, when managers hold their people and each other accountable, they get closer and closer to Harvesting Their Potential.



Ed Laflamme LIC

started his own business from scratch, built it up, sold it and then wrote a book about how he did it. So, he’s been there. He understands your frustrations, worries and concerns. Some of you may want to buy companies, while others may want to sell the one you own. You need expert assessment and guidance before you can move forward. Ed has experience in this area. He is recognized as a CLP: Certified Landscape Professional. Read Ed's full bio.