30-Day Development Review For Administrative Employees

Steven Cesare, Ph.D.


As promised, this posting is the follow-up to last week’s Tuesdays with Steve which presented the 30-Day Development Review for Field Employees. To refresh your post-Christmas memory, a business owner from Missouri called me the other day to inquire about potential best practices to improve the quality of his company’s New Employee On-boarding Program. One of my recommendations to him was to institute a 30-Day Development Review process for all new employees, as an initial assessment of their skills, work habits, and fit within the company culture.

Like most landscapers, the business owner’s immediate and primary focus instinctively addressed field employees (e.g., Crew Members, Crew Leaders, Irrigators). Upon presentation and discussion of the assessment process for field employees, I conveniently nudged the business owner that sometimes his company will have new administrative employees as well. By way of parallel, those administrative employees should have the same opportunity as field employees to receive preliminary job-related feedback. Realizing the inherent placement and value of this same process, as an index of the company culture, the business owner naturally concurred with its implementation into the New Employee On-boarding Program.

Despite the “nudge,” this business owner “gets it.” He understands the significance of company culture onto new employees, the impact of a positive first impression on the employees’ anticipated retention rate, and the distinct investment role of a company offering feedback, training, and coaching to new employees as a competitive advantage relative to other local employers searching for high-performing employees.

That said, here is the 30-Day Development Review process I presented to him, as a tool to assess his company’s new administrative employees (e.g., clerical, managerial, accounting, sales).

1) Has the employee shown up to work on time each day of employment?
2) Has the employee missed any days of work since the date of hire?
3) Has the employee complied with all Standard Operating Procedures?
4) Has the employee been injured on the job?
5) Has the employee completed every work assignment on time?
6) Has the employee complied with all meal period guidelines since the date of hire?
7) Has the employee complied with all rest break guidelines since the date of hire?
8) Has the employee received any disciplinary action since the date of hire?
9) Does the employee know the Company Mission Statement?
10) Does the employee know the Company Core Values?
11) Does the employee demonstrate proper telephone etiquette at all times?
12) Does the employee comply with all Company policies at all times?
13) Does the employee promote a team-oriented Company culture?
14) Does the employee know how his/her behavior contributes to Company success?
15) Does the employee complete all work-related tasks efficiently at all times?
16) Does the employee know his/her job expectations for each assignment?
17) Does the employee demonstrate a commitment to high-quality job performance?
18) Does the employee complete more work than existing administrative staff?
19) Does the employee demonstrate proper customer service behaviors at all times?
20) Does the employee comply with the Company dress code at all times?
21) Does the employee produce error-free work at all times?
22) Does the employee willingly assist others in the completion of their work tasks?
23) Does the employee maintain a neat, clean, and organized workspace?
24) Does the employee demonstrate effective computer and office equipment skills?
25) Does the employee possess sound time management skills?
26) Does the employee demonstrate flexibility when faced with changing priorities?
27) Does the employee take constructive feedback in a positive manner?
28) Does the employee treat all employees with respect at all times?
29) Does the employee work as a collaborative team member at all times?
30) Does the employee improve work team morale at all times?

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