The Harvesters and Lawn & Landscape Magazine are at their soon to be announced, Backstage Pass event. They spent a day and a half videoing Park West Companies in Southern California. Park West is one of the top ten largest companies in the U.S.

They are with Jason one of their clients from Houston and Dustin Kemmerer, partner and president of the Park West landscape maintenance department.

Wait till you see the grill they made that is pulled behind one of their trucks. They bring it and cook all over the place.

What they do each month is bring in one outstanding crew from one of their companies and honor them at their Corporate Headquarters. The managers cook lunch using the grill you are going to see, they are given awards and then it’s fun and games for the rest of the day for that crew. Let me ask you, how do you think the crew members feel after that! Does that build a positive culture or what!

So check out this quick video and stay tuned because you will be able to see tons more in the next few weeks. The Harvesters are going to interview the owner, Jim Tracy along with Dustin and many of the key managers that make it happen in this awesome company.

The Harvesters hope that you can use some of these ideas in your company to build an even more positive company culture, so you can, Harvest Your Potential!

P.S. A huge thanks to Verizon Connect for sponsoring their Backstage event.

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