The Harvesters and Lawn & Landscape Magazine have partnered to create, Backstage Pass.  Verizon Connect agreed to sponsor this unique event so landscapers throughout the country could see “best in class” companies up close and at no cost!  Stay tuned for announcements in Lawn & Landscape for all the featured videos.
The first Backstage Pass event was held in Southern California at Park West Companies. They are in the top ten largest companies in the US.
In this video clip, The Harvesters are talking with Jason Mathers, owner of Monarch Landscape Management, one of their clients from Houston, Texas and Dustin Kemmerer the President of Park West Landscape Management. They just witnessed one of the fastest, smoothest dispatches they have ever seen.  (And the crews didn’t know they were coming!)
How long does your morning dispatch take?  Watch as they tell you how many trucks left, how long they took and how they do it. After you watch this video The Harvesters think you may have some work to do, LOL.
All of the Harvest videos are meant to help you, Harvest Your Potential.  Please let them know if this is true.

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