If you watch our videos each week you know The Harvester’s try to provide ideas, services, and products to help you grow and make more money. There is so much innovation going on right now in technology, we want to help you keep up.

Watch this week’s video because we’re going to do it again. The technology revealed in this Zoom video may just save you thousands of dollars.

The Harvesters have no material gain from this product we just want to help you, Harvest Your Potential!  Enjoy.

Here is why you should consider ZCP:

  • Zero Cost Processing – Stop paying credit card processing fees.
  • Flexible – They provide the software needed to optimize transactions. Integrate with QuickBooks and other systems. Also available as a stand-alone option.
  • Support – We are always available for support.  Systems and backups are very important to help us support our client’s needs.
  • Marketing – They provide FREE marketing software that will help you.
  • Pricing –  There is no middleman.  We work for you, not the processors.  We will help you get what is best for you at a fair price.
  • Service – They stay in touch with their clients and are constantly on the lookout for what may help their client’s businesses run more efficiently.
  • Independent – We are processor, software and hardware agnostic.  Meaning we work with dozens of processors, software, and hardware providers which gives us the ability to set our clients up with what is best for them today with flexibility in the future.
  • Partner – We want to sit on our client’s side of the table helping them design what is best for them.  We feel it is important for our clients to understand what they are doing and why.
  • Experience – ZCP is an independent merchant services provider with their sister company MBCard has been working with businesses on their processing needs for over 35 years.



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Who is ZCP?

ZCP is the sister company of the owners of MBCard and NewTek (NEWT) with a combined over 60 years of merchant service experience designed to reach all merchants in the US to introduce our cash discount program

What is ZCPs mission?

Our Mission is to inform merchants nationwide they can “Stop Paying Credit Card Processing Fee’s”

How does this help the business owner?

Increase profits without implementing anything different into the way they’re conducting business today.

Where do CC fees come from?

Card issuing banks and all major card brands and processors.

How does ZCP help eliminate these fees?

We eliminate fees with our technology and premium processing relationships, we can offer our technology free to our merchants.

What brought about this change?

In the US it is legal to offer cash discounts to customers, this is all primarily due to the Durbin Amendment and add-on to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Law. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act included wide-range financial reform in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. This allows merchants to offer the cash discount program as the Durbin Amendment protects the rights of business owners to offer cash discounts in all 50 states.

What are the requirements to remain compliant?

  • Posting the cash discount details at the entrance and the checkout counter
  • Clearly denoting any cash discount on receipt
  • Compliant processing terminal, POS System, Gateway, or card reader all supplied free to the merchant for free
  • Registered with all major card brands

Can businesses still take payments as they do?

(Ie. Invoicing, recurring payments, mobile payments, etc?)

There is no reason to change what you’re currently doing today, ZCP will help make the change to cash discount as seamless and streamlined as possible.

How does a business owner learn more and see if they are good candidates to eliminate fees?

If you’re currently excepting credit cards today you are a GREAT candidate!

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