Ed Laflamme LIC

Ed Laflamme LIC

started his own business from scratch, built it up, sold it and then wrote a book about how he did it. So, he’s been there. He understands your frustrations, worries and concerns. Some of you may want to buy companies, while others may want to sell the one you own. You need expert assessment and guidance before you can move forward. Ed has experience in this area. He is recognized as a CLP: Certified Landscape Professional. Read Ed's full bio.

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Years ago I found two good places for recruiting ads-the local supermarket bulletin board and most local church boards. The first would yield people who wanted an outdoor job with better pay and the second would give parents something to suggest to their sons when they returned home from services (usually as they were waking up).

Ed-A bit off topic but I could not help notice the curbside BackFlow prevention valve over your right shoulder (across the road). Having installed shopping center irrigation systems in California in the late 1970s this was always something I could not fathom. The plans would call for such BF locations mere feet from traffic and as a result my firm had to repair/replace both plumbing and devices on four occasions (usually due to drunk driving). On one occasion my plumber just finished the installation, packed up his tools and lit a cigar only to witness a car crush his new pipe work right in front of him! It appears that they still have a lesson to learn.

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