One of the biggest problems in many companies is the lack of accountability. Owners don’t hold their managers accountable so the managers don’t hold their people accountable… and when this happens things don’t get done.

Watch as the Harvesters talk about this subject and offer suggestions.

The Harvesters hope this brief reminder about holding your people accountable helps you to, Harvest Your Potential!

P.S. Are you confident you are getting the best people when you’re recruiting? Do you know how to write an effective ad to attract them in the first place? Do you know how to pre-screen applicants on the phone so they don’t waste your time in a face to face interview? Do you know what not to say in an interview? These are only a few of the items the Harvesters will cover in the People Academy Live Event… click below for more details.


October 30, 2017

Knowing your company’s value; understanding mergers and Acquisitions
1:30 PM EST/10:30 PST
Hosted by Ed Laflamme and Alison Hoffman