Watch this week as the Harvesters talk about the dangers of talking or texting while driving. Thousands are killed and injured every day. Do you have a written policy on this?

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Ed Laflamme LIC

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A codicil to talking or texting while driving is doing the same while operating a 60″ zero turn mower. I watched in disbelief last summer as a landscaper was texting while mowing a hill and controlling the machine with his forearms. I also saw the same behavior, though nowhere near as dangerous, of a lawn care company employee pushing a spreader with a bungee locking the spreader open. He had a 6″ smart phone in the hand that cupped the handle and one finger texting with the other. What is so important that people are addicted to this things? It seems we have forgotten that there is a time and a place for everything.

Wow never heard of that one! Owners and managers need to keep a look out for that type of behavior and these young folks need to be taught what is right and wrong behavior. Thanks for your input.

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