This week the Harvesters are playing cards on a boat when they talk about another game called “Sink Your Ship”. Wrong subject to play on a boat, don’t you think?!

This game has some serious implications. It’s called Employee Retention, and that’s no game.

At the end of the clip they have an incredible handout for you regarding the “Key Steps for Employee Retention”.

Hope this helps you to Harvest Your Potential!

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Ed Laflamme LIC

started his own business from scratch, built it up, sold it and then wrote a book about how he did it. So, he’s been there. He understands your frustrations, worries and concerns. Some of you may want to buy companies, while others may want to sell the one you own. You need expert assessment and guidance before you can move forward. Ed has experience in this area. He is recognized as a CLP: Certified Landscape Professional. Read Ed's full bio.


Retention is a major problem even in ideal conditions. When drought hits in the irrigation business key people have been LOST FOR GOOD. It is the same in businesses that rely on plantings and to some extent maintenance companies (less to mow when it doesn’t grow)-people move on to other jobs that are more stable. That and other factors makes employee retention the bane of this industry.

John – thanks for your comments. Have you or other companies thought about innovative ways to keep those employees that you don’t want to lose?

Hire hungry, humble and honest- changing to this philosophy on the front end of recruiting can have a dramatic effect on your team morale, retention, and customer satisfaction. And your margin can improve too!

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