Owners and managers, you’re trying to get your work done — completely and profitably. You’re trying to control your expenses, and reduce non-billable labor hours that eat up your profits.

You have numerous crews but can’t be with them all. Sometimes you wish you had “eyes in the back of your head.” But you don’t. So how can you keep track of all of your crews?

This week, the Harvesters will talk about a solution many companies have turned to called GPS. Companies throughout the country are installing GPS systems in their vehicles, as well as on major pieces of equipment.

After watching our video, if you’re interested in finding out more just click the Verizon link below. Not sure if GPS is right for you? Talk with some of the Harvest clients who are using to get their thoughts. Just drop Harvester Ed an email and he’ll set up a call.

The Harvesters hope these tips help you… Harvest Your Potential

The Harvesters Love Verizon Connect!

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